Welcome to the SYWO!

Coaches and Directors:

The SYWO Season is approaching and some changes have been made to policy (Rules and Procedures)  with respect to Registration and Coaches Cards.  Below you can find links to the SYWO Registration form, Parent Code  of Conduct and Wrestler Code of Conduct as well as the updated Rules and Procedures Handbook. 


Each wrestler must have a  SYWO Registration form on file with your club/team and SYWO.  Registration Forms and Registration payment are due prior to wrestling in your first tournament. You can either mail your forms to the address below, or  scan and email them to secretary@sywo.org . Payment must be mailed to SYWO Treasurer at the address provided below.


Mailing address for SYWO Treasurer for payment and forms:

Wendy McMeans
P.O. Box 18924
Huntsville, AL 35804


Coaches for this upcoming season will be required to go through a background check for liability purposes and compliance with the insurance company.  You can go through a private party for the background check and have the company send us the results or SYWO will honor your current coaches card from the following organizations:  AAU or USA.  Make sure that you send a copy of your card to the secretary@sywo.org  as soon as possible. 

If you would like a copy of the insurance policy, please let me know.

Kristi Waldrup McHugh
SYWO Secretary

Southern Youth Wrestling Organization (SYWO)
Mission Statement

The primary purpose of the SYWO is to create a unified wrestling organization that is dedicated to enhancing the sport of youth wrestling and to providing a quality program for the youth K through 8th grade.

The SYWO will provide quality run tournaments with innovative formats that ensure "mat time" for all wrestlers.

The SYWO assists organization members in developing quality and competitive programs through the sharing of ideas and resources.

The SYWO follows the Alabama High School Athletic Association's (AHSAA) rules for wrestling, with modifications for safety.

The SYWO respects and values our youth wrestlers; they are the reason our organization exists.

The SYWO seeks to build good working relationships within the organization based on mutual respect.

The SYWO values strong competition and believes that competing is more important than the final outcome.

The SYWO will continually challenge the status quo in pursuit of better ways of doing things.

Learn and improve from our mistakes,
Lead by example, and
Believe in simplification.