The Wrestler Registration Form must be filled out for each wrestler competing in an SYWO tournament.

Weekly tournament registration can be done here.

Check current registration here.

Rule For The SYWO Championship

  1. Registration for the SYWO Championship will be $12 per wrestler to help cover the cost of our championship trophies.
  2. Registration for the Beginners Tournament will remain at $8 per entry.
  3. All wrestlers must register according to the Class dictated by their Date of Birth. There will be no “wrestling up” in age divisions for the SYWO Championship Tournament.
  4. While anyone can register to compete in the SYWO Championship Tournament … only those who meet the qualifying criteria (participation in 3 SYWO tournaments prior to the SYWO Championship) will be able to compete for the SYWO Championship Trophy. Should an athlete, who has not qualified, win his bracket—the SYWO Championship will be awarded to the best placer who has qualified.
  5. Qualifying wrestlers must register at a weight in which they competed at least once during the season.
  6. Per (previously agreed upon) SYWO rules, wrestlers must make the weight class they are registered to wrestle in. If they do not make weight their entry in that wt. class becomes a forfeit. If the wrestler still wishes to participate in another weight class, they may pay $25 re-bracketing fee to host team. This option is limited to wrestling same classification and weight class they make weight in. If the wrestler has not previously wrestled in new weight class they can place first in the tournament but can NOT win SYWO Championship.
  7. Wrestler will compete in the weight class for which they registered. Wrestlers will not be moved down at weigh-ins.
  8. Brackets exceeding 16 persons in size will no longer be split at the SYWO Championship. In order to produce a true champion at those weights which have more than 16 competitors will be seeded as deeply as possible and wrestled as a single bracket during the SYWO Championship. In these large brackets, medals will be awarded to six placements.

Fees are as follows:

Club fees are $1 per wrestler if 25 wrestlers or above or $25 if 25 wrestlers or below

SYWO fee is $15 per wrestler

Club fees and insurance fees checks should be made payable to SYWO

Tournament fee is $10 per wrestler per weight class (slightly more for the Championship tournament)

Tournament fees should be made payable to tournament host